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The children and youth ministry has been central to the mission of Christ Anglican Church Los Angeles as we follow the Lord’s injunction, “Let the little children come unto me.” (Matt. 19:14) The Church recognizes the place and impact of this ministry in the lives of our children and the Church. As this cannot be overemphasized, we are geared towards making it count so as to raise a strong family that not only includes the adults but also the younger generation.

We strongly feel this ministry must be nurtured through the availability of willing and inspired vessels whose ministry roles are tailored by their sense of call and duty to the children and youths. It is this passion that guides them in developing a structured, biblical outline that is both relevant and instructive. It is our intention that Christ be formed in the lives of our children even at a tender age; and that this transformation be evidently seen and shared as they come in contact with friends, family and peers. While we live in a fallen world, we believe our children and youths can still be role models by their speech, conduct and godly character. Being the bedrock of any Church, we employ every means to be sensitive to their needs, growth and development. While we aim to instill good Christian values into the lives of these younger ones so as to fit very well into the society in which they belong, we are also interested in their physical and social development. Thus, we allow ample time for our children and youths to explore their natural talents in fondly physical activities and games.

We trust the Lord to help us as we have room, so we can employ a more closely guided instruction for the youths. We recognize how well they need to be nurtured and gainfully utilized in the life of the Church and pray they will see the Church as their home and own the responsibility to ensure her stability and growth as they continue to live as Christ’s disciples. Let us bring our children out so we can have a formidable army mighty in God’s hand.

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