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We want to thank the Lord who has drawn us to himself and called us into this ministry for our own self-edification and to His own glory and purpose. We represent a fellowship of believers, with sincere minds, radiating virtue and an enviable beauty – the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight (1 Pet. 3:4). In these end times, we recognize our role and the need to support and partner with the Church to fulfill her mission and goals. Our self-worth comes from knowing Jesus Christ as our Savior and the love with which He loves us, we are constrained to love and care for others.

We believe that God’s Church is built through gainful teaching of God’s word, living godly lifestyles, being good examples and encouraging strong family values & principles that would promote spiritual maturity, peace, unity and marital bliss. We gladly imitate the godly examples set aside by the godly women of faith mentioned in the holy scriptures, who have traversed this path before us, and thus we are holding forth the ground as shinning lights in this present generation.

Our ministry aims at bridging peace and bringing healing to the hurt, sick, troubled and down-trodden. We encourage ourselves through retreats, trainings and fellowships so we could be equipped as faithful stewards of God’s manifold graces, useful in His hands. We celebrate motherhood in different ways and encourage membership to the Mother’s Union, Women’s Guild and all other gainful ministries in partnership with the local Church. While we explore avenues for our own spiritual growth, we are also mindful of God’s intention for our physical health. Thus our ministry is an all-inclusive one catering for the spirit, soul and body of man. Our core values are enshrined in a simple pnemonic – SMILE (Simplicity, Motherhood, Irresistible, Loving, Enterprising).

We meet regularly when required after Church service at the Church hall but mostly on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Come and join us as we worship and serve God through serving others. God bless you!

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